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48 hour sale!

The new "Velvets" will be discounted over 35% for 2 days only! 

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December 05, 2015 by Stephanie Howard

World Stripes are Discounted! 3 DAYS ONLY!

World stripes are on sale for 3 days only!  go directly to sale styles-www.worldstretch.com/collections/world-stripes

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World stripes are on sale for 3 days only!  go directly to sale styles-www.worldstretch.com/collections/world-stripes

All World Stripes CAPRI are discounted fr. $65.00 all the way down to $39.95

Supplies are very limited. Most sizes have only 1 pair left!

World Stripes BOOTCUT and SUPER CAT! BOOTCUT are on sale too.
Size SMALL ONLY! REDUCED FR. $75.00 TO $49.95

These pants are made out of the same super durable pure poly-spandex that all the other styles are but they are noticeably lighter weight for Summer. I love them!

And no- the horizontal stripes do not make you look fat! That only happens if you are wearing a giant wool Winter coat with wide horizontal stripes. These stripes smooth your sides out, give your thighs a curve and booty a little lift!

Check them out and get your pair today!


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May 01, 2015 by Stephanie Howard

This tiny climber!

Yay though she be small she is mighty! StarFire by World Stretch!

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This little climber was caught in action at one of her final climbs at ABS Nationals in Madison Wisconsin. She is a superb climber and a fantastic athlete. In a competition like Bouldering, size matters! She is small for her age class and has a delicate build but she used her light weight, her power and her accuracy to literally fly off of the starting hold and grab the next hold with powerful but tiny hands. This little climber is one of the smallest and lightest girls in the competition as well as one of the most focused and fiery! Which would explain why she wears World Stretch, Starfire pants! You go girl! We are looking forward to seeing you compete again!


Click the picture below and check out the Starfire pants on the World Stretch website! 



A few new things - ABS Nationals 16

World Stretch is a small company with lots of great ideas! We are working on a new one right now!

It is called the "The Climbing Collective!" Follow Us.

We are set up on Instagram https://instagram.com/theclimbingcollective/

We made wristbands, phone covers and water bottle covers. Also check out the Friction Labs sample packs.

Friction lab -chalk matters and World Stretch!

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Rowen Power! World Stretch - Moonshine!

Rowen is one of the newest members of Team World Stretch! Here she is climbing at ABS Nationals. She is wearing The Velvets, Moonshine! She made it to finals and is an excellent climber.

The next picture is of the two of us. Really we didn't plan it!  

Email me about the pants only few left! worldstretch@gmail.com

Rowen climbing the pink route!

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We are matching!

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Power, Strength, Endurance and Flexibility

I once asked my friend Seneca, a football player turned personal trainer -"What was your secret to staying injury free during your football career?

He said one thing - "Flexibility."

Flexibility is a key component to building power, strength and endurance. By working out using my own body I can ensure that as I workout I am building the utility of my body. So when I want to climb, do Cross fit, bike, run or (soon) try the flying trapeze, I not only have the Power, Strength, Endurance and Flexibility to do so, I have the body awareness to learn how to and the flexibility not to get injured.

I am wearing Capt. America by World Stretch! 

Check out all our styles at www.worldstretch.com