Power, Strength, Endurance and Flexibility

I once asked my friend Seneca, a football player turned personal trainer -"What was your secret to staying injury free during your football career?

He said one thing - "Flexibility."

Flexibility is a key component to building power, strength and endurance. By working out using my own body I can ensure that as I workout I am building the utility of my body. So when I want to climb, do Cross fit, bike, run or (soon) try the flying trapeze, I not only have the Power, Strength, Endurance and Flexibility to do so, I have the body awareness to learn how to and the flexibility not to get injured.

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Flex, Power, Pump


This is a fun exercise that enhances your dynamic power, core strength, works on your hip flexibility, shoulder strength, hand and wrist strength and flexibility. I do as many as I can in 1 minute, repeat 3 times with minimum rest. This kind of exercise is great for climbers and other uncommon athletes because it works on strength, power and flexibility all at once while making your heart work hard too! 

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Thanks, Stephanie

World Stretch, made for Climbers but...

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Nicole is wearing The Phoenix!

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Climb On!