This tiny climber!

Yay though she be small she is mighty! StarFire by World Stretch!

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This little climber was caught in action at one of her final climbs at ABS Nationals in Madison Wisconsin. She is a superb climber and a fantastic athlete. In a competition like Bouldering, size matters! She is small for her age class and has a delicate build but she used her light weight, her power and her accuracy to literally fly off of the starting hold and grab the next hold with powerful but tiny hands. This little climber is one of the smallest and lightest girls in the competition as well as one of the most focused and fiery! Which would explain why she wears World Stretch, Starfire pants! You go girl! We are looking forward to seeing you compete again!


Click the picture below and check out the Starfire pants on the World Stretch website! 



Delicious & Nutritious

The Ninja made me breakfast this morning




I received the Ninja professional as a birthday gift, thank you very much!



2 dates, cut in half

1 stalk celery, cut into quarters

1 ripe kiwi, peeled, cut in half

2 cups loosely packed kale

1 1/2 cups hazelnut milk

1 cup ice



1.  Soak the dates in 1 cup warm water for 30 minutes, then drain and set aside

2.  Place all the ingredients in the order listed above into the Ninja 24 ounce cup and blend for 25 seconds


Soon I'll look even better in my World Stretch pants

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WorldStretch Owner/Designer inspires International Celebrity



After 55 years Barbie finally decided it was time for a new look!   Stephanie Howard, owner/designer of WorldStretch was her inspiration!


Check out the next blog about our International Celebrity wearing WorldStretch!!!



                                TO LOOK GOOD & FEEL GOOD


                              WE GOT YOUR PANTS!



World Stretch, a brief history

About 4 years ago Stephanie (designer/developer) of World Stretch asked me (mom/Realtor/seamstress) to make her a pair of pants from some spandex material she’d been given by Jodi Head.  I dutifully obliged and made a very simple pair of pants.  She then sent me more material with a design of what she wanted.  I begrudgingly wasn’t a simple design.

When Stephanie wore her new pants out and about in New York City ( a place of wildly diverse fashion) she was surprised at how many people stopped and asked her where she bought her pants. She wondered if there was a market for “urban athletic wear”…something other than black. THERE WAS! World Stretch was born.

Then one day a young lady Stephanie met at Atlanta Rocks, by the name of Helen, or as we call her now, Super Helen, wanted a pair of World Stretch pants but…she was a young girl. No pants for girls. So the girls division of World Stretch was born.
Helen on rock wall

                                    Super Helen in her Super Helen pants

ALL the material is purchased in the garment district of New York City by Stephanie. ALL THE PANTS are cut and sewn in New York City. ALL THE PANTS are designed by Stephanie for maximum comfort, fit and style. And I say with maximum “mom pride” that she is an excellent artist with an amazing “eye” for design, color and function.

2013-08-23 15.28.01                                            Wood Carving by Stephanie

Now I am back to what I enjoy, making fun stuff.

2013-04-29 09.18.38Made from World Stretch stretch velvet

That is a brief history of World Stretch.  I’ll be back with more information on World Stretch as it occurs.


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Since a very young age, Carmen has been involved in taking care of her body. With an extensive background in all types of dance, she was a cheerleader and gymnast from elementary school to college and was even nominated CHEERLEADER OF THE STATE from NCA.
handstand                             Carmen, wearing her World Stretch Captain America pants
Intrigued about gaining knowledge in the proper biomechanics of exercise and eager to learn the fundamentals of sound nutrition, Carmen became a certified fitness trainer with one of the leading schools in the fitness industry- ISSA and was nominated “Spotlight Trainer of the Month,” in, a prestigious online fitness magazine. With a deep interest in health and fitness (and the body and stamina to prove it), she bases many of her exercises on the Vedantic philosophy in which the goal is a state of self-realization and cosmic consciousness. Historically and currently, it is
believed that this state can be experienced by anyone, but it cannot be adequately conveyed in language.
Carmen one arm
Following her calling to help and heal others, Carmen’s energy and passion for wellness makes her dynamic force in the fitness industry. Combining her dance background with the dynamics of exercise in order to make the session unique and full of energy, she merges the disciplines and practices of Ashtanga yoga into her training embracing the original traditions of the practice in order to compliment the physical, spiritual and mental in one. In addition, Ms. Amara is certified in UNIVERSAL USUI REIKI & ENERGY HEALING by Douglas Institute and practices a natural, mind-body approach to weight loss and overall health. Carmen believes in looking at the big picture and in working to make positive lifestyle changes for optimal results. Carmen is the first female that started attending USA Gymnastics National Team Coach Sommer’s seminar in 2004 and is Level 1 Certified.   She is certified in one of the most popular forms of Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, through long time practitioner-David Swenson. She also teaches a very unique system of stretching by the talented Emil Valentino. She has been on local television NBC to promote many products as well.
Carmen on head
She inspires many fans around the world and has been coined Wonder Woman by them.
For more information or bookings please contact: