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International Celebrity Wears World Stretch

This World renown celebrity joined our staff of models recently!  It is because of her status as an International Celebrity that we agreed to custom make her World Stretch clothes.



Our celebrity, has maintained her figure not only by a very low calorie diet but working out almost daily at her local gym.


                                          She has become quite proficient at rock climbing.  Here she wears her Super Cat shorts.


Our celebrity also engages in weight lifting and is looking strong and confident in her
World Stretch black and white stripes.



                                                       Now  in her Super Cat pants she works on the trapeze...not bad for someone 55.


Ready to leave the gym for the day she steps out in her purple and black World Stretch pants 

ready for a little shopping before attending a gala later.


Her Orange Crush dress has more often been seen as pants but for a very special occasion and for our international celebrity  a very special dress.  Not even the designer/owner of World Stretch can have a dress like this!


Please post on Facebook if you know the name of our celebrity  model!


To the first five who have a look-alike and are willing to take a picture of her in an activity wearing World Stretch we will send you a World Stretch outfit.


Thank you Amy!  Here's your daughter's look-alike rock climbing in her multi-stripe World Stretch pants.


Disclaimer:  Some styles may not be available if you are over 12" tall.





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